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Welcome to Minder Homecare

We understand how essential quality home health care is to the physically and health challenged members of your family. Those who are recovering from an injury, suffering from a chronic condition, or simply experiencing the ravages of time, such as your elders, need individualized home health care services that would fit their every health need. Life would not be easy for these individuals and seeing them struggle to accomplish basic everyday tasks will be no less than heart-breaking for you. It won’t be any easier sending them off to an institution either where you wouldn’t be able to keep a close watch on them all the time. Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about these things anymore because we, at Minder Homecare, can give those closest to you the chance to get better and the means to effectively manage their conditions in the safest and most comfortable environment, close to the people they love – their homes!

nurse having physical therapy to the old womanIt has already been proven, time and time again, that home is the ideal place to recover. When your loved ones constantly have your support every single day, it gives them the fight they need to get better. It gives them the hope and the will to conquer the health challenges and injuries that are plaguing their lives. Because sometimes, that’s all anyone ever really needs – people to help them realize that there is still so much to live for.

Minder Homecare can offer regular help and assistance to your sick and injured loved ones who have been a hard time managing their health at home. If they’re suffering from illnesses and conditions that would require the expertise of healthcare providers then we’re exactly the agency to call upon. With our quality programs and personalized health care plans, we can help those you care so much about regain their independence and live the ideal life – a life not being dictated by challenging health-related issues.

  • We offer you peace of mind as you entrust the care of your loved ones to us.
  • We guarantee that, with our services, your loved ones would be able to live the ideal quality of life – the life they deserve and nothing less.
  • We help your loved ones regain their independence and live life on their terms. Making your family happy and whole again is the main goal of our agency.

Our Mission Statement

To provide professional and paraprofessional home health care services that effectively assist in the achievement of full potential everyday living for our patients at home. Our dedicated and highly trained professionals recognize the importance of the comprehensive assessment of our clients’ health needs, not only from their own point of view but also the patients’, and are committed to providing the highest quality, multi-disciplinary care that is reflective of such an understanding.

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