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elderly woman and nurseMinder Homecare provides exceptional quality care services that are guaranteed to make the lives of our clients at home safer, more convenient, and a lot more comfortable at the same time. They focus mainly on the personalized health care required by our patients to live stress-free days without the burdens brought on by health challenges. These are services that ensure independence in every aspect of a physically and health challenged person’s life because that is what they deserve, and nothing less.

Home Health Aide or CNA

We have dedicated professionals who can offer regular aid and assistance in daily health care.

Skilled Nursing

These services are available to those who are in need of the skills and expertise of a registered nurse.

Speech Therapy

Helps patients conquer communication problems that have been brought on by age or health challenges.

Physical Therapy

Greatly aids in the injury recovery process and ensures that patients are able to regain full motion of affected body parts.

Occupational Therapy

Helps in the re-introduction of the various activities of everyday life and the modified ways to accomplish them.

We have a ton of other home health care services that greatly aid in improving the quality of life at home.

Medical Social Services

We want our patients to have all the help they could get especially in their time of need. Their situations are already difficult enough as they are and so it would be our goal to provide them the necessary resources and solutions that would make going through challenges a lot less burdensome. They need to know who they can ask for help from and at the same time who can actually provide them with the right kind of help. The network of social support that our team of dedicated medical social workers can offer is something that will help our patients and their families find balance again. This way, your loved ones would also be able to reintegrate themselves into society a lot more easily and with far less trouble than you originally thought.

Pediatric Services

At Minder Homecare, we have pediatric care nurses and therapists who can attend to the needs of special children. We provide support for parents when it comes to ensuring the health of their child who is recuperating from illness after a recent hospitalization, or when home-based pediatric care is deemed necessary by the physician. Pediatric care can also help children who have developmental disabilities, respiratory illnesses and other forms of medical fragility.


There are times when you’re not always able to be there for your loved ones. After all, you do have your own life to live and a lot of goals to pursue as well. While you know you shouldn’t feel guilty about not being able to constantly watch over those you care about, it would also be necessary to leave them in the reliable hands of professionals who can actually keep them company and provide them safety. Being alone is never good for those who are old, sick, and injured not just because of the potential danger it exposes them to, but also because of the isolation and possible depression it could bring to their lives. Our home companions are people your loved ones can talk to but more than that, they can also provide them assistance in cleaning the house and making it a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment to live in.

Nutritional Guidance

It is absolutely essential for the physically and health challenged members of your family to follow a healthy diet plan at all times. The personalized care plans provided by our agency include proper meal preparation as it is crucial to getting the body back to peak functioning condition. Working together with our highly trained and experienced nutritionists, we’d be able to whip up the most nutritious meals that greatly aid in our patients’ recovery from illness or injury. It would also help your elderly loved ones get some of their strength back, not to mention, enhance their immune system. The ideal nutritional guidance provides your loved ones with well-balanced meals with just the right amount of vitamins and minerals that not only help them recover but function to their fullest potential as well.

These quality services make the home health care plans of your loved ones even more ideal. They allow the people you care about to live their lives at home in the best possible way – in comfort, safety, and security. It doesn’t matter what kind of health challenges they face, they’d be able to effectively take them all on at home, near the people who love and support them. We know how important it is for you and any of the old, sick, and injured members of your family to be close to each other during these trying times. Through our services, we’d be able to make all of that possible. All you have to do is give us a call at 407-809-5111.

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